This page sets out the terms and conditions for purchasing hardware and software through Lucid Business Solutions. It also explains how online ordering works on this site.

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Buying products through Lucid Business Solutions
Security and privacy
Wacom warranties
LaCie warranties
Software warranties

1. Buying products through Lucid Business Solutions

1.1 To order one or more items, a customer should complete the online order form at the bottom of each sales page on this site.

Information submitted on a form gives us the details we need for tax invoicing and courier delivery.


Upon receiving an order, we will first check whether stock is available with the relative distributor.

If stock is available, we will issue a confirmation of the order, a pro-forma invoice and payment details by e-mail.

If stock is not available, we will provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for when the stock will become available. We will also give customers the option to pre-order a product. See the pre-orders section for more information.


Once a customer receives a confirmation of order and pro-forma invoice, payment should be made directly into Lucid Business Solution's South African bank account, within three working days. The reason for the request for payment within three days is that pricing is subject to fluctuation based on exchange rates, and we are unable to guarantee pricing beyond three days.


We do not take credit card or cheque payments and the preferred form of paying for a purchase is via an Internet banking payment. We reserve the right to charge clients for South African bank cash handling fees if a cash payment is made into our account. We only take payments in South African Rands.


Once a payment is made, a customer should e-mail a confirmation of payment to


We are unable to guarantee stock and should an item become unavailable during the three day window period for receiving a confirmation of payment, we will provide an ETA when more stock will become available. The option of providing a refund of payment will also be made available to customers.


Stock is despatched by courier following a clearance of payment. An email to confirm despatch and a tax invoice will be emailed to customers.


We do not guarantee processing times for orders but aim to respond to orders quickly and efficiently. The average processing time for an order (i.e time for a customer to receive stock after placing an order) is 3-5 working days, provided a payment is made immediately.


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2. Pre-orders



If stock is not immediately available for an item requested, we give customers the option of placing a pre-order. Once a pre-order is placed and full payment received, we are able to honour current pricing and hold stock once it does become available.



Special orders are brought into South Africa once an order is placed. To place a special order, we will require at least a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% will be required once the stock arrives in the country.


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3. Security and privacy

3.1 Lucid Business Solutions is an Internet-based business. In South Africa we operate through the authorised distributor of products we sell. Verification of our reseller status with the relative distributor is available on request.


We do not give out customer information (including email addresses) to any third party, except where delivery is done directly from our distributor, or where required by law.


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4. Wacom warranties

4.1 Wacom tablets carry a twelve month warranty.


Clients whose tablets fail during this period will be referred to the Cape Town based authorised distributor of Wacom in South Africa and the cost to return the unit will be for the owner's account. The cost of repair and return shipment within South Africa will be funded by the distributor.


All units must be returned with a proof ot purchase, such as the tax invoice issued by Lucid Business Solutions.


Wacom pens are considered to be consumables and no warranties are given, unless failure occurs within 30 days of the product invoice date.


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5. LaCie warranties

5.1 LaCie desktop and portable hard drives all carry a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.


It is recommended that customers register their products online with LaCie, giving the date of purchase, serial number, etc.


Drives that fail during this period are covered by LaCie's walk in warranty. Our customers will be referred to the Cape Town based distributor of LaCie in South Africa and the cost to return the unit will be for the owner's account. The cost of the return shipment within South Africa will be funded by the distributor.


All items must be returned with a proof ot purchase, such as the tax invoice issued by Lucid Business Solutions.


Faulty drives are returned to LaCie France for repair and can take up to four weeks before being returned.


Drives that fail within 30 days from the tax invoice date are considered Dead on Arrival (DOA) and will be swopped for new replacement units.


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6. Sofware warranties

6.1 Lucid Business Solutions offers no warranties or returns on software media and consumables.


Clients who experience software installation issues that are not a result of a faulty disk or download files will be referred directly to the software manufacturer's support framework.


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