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Lucid Business Solutions is an international Internet-based reseller of Quark products. We work through Quark's authorised South Africa distributor and deliver a range of Quark products to all areas in South Africa. We also deliver to other African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Please refer to our April 2018 price list below. To place an order, please complete the order form at the bottom of this page.

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QuarkXpress 2017

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QuarkXPress 2017 Single User, AAP, Download

QuarkXPress 2017 Upgrade, Single User, AAP, Download From V2016

QuarkXPress 2017 Upgrade, Single User, AAP, Download From V2015 or below

R 15,630.00

R 3,405.00

R 7,346.00


  Charity / Non Profit Organisation  



QuarkXPress 2017 Nonprofit Single User Mac/Win, AAP, Download

QuarkXPress 2017 QVLP Fee Nonprofit, AAP

R 3,022.00

R 2,867.00

  Student / Teacher  


QuarkXPress 2017 Education Single User, AAP, Download

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R 1,363.00

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